Does Niacin Flush Out Weed? Is It Possible?

Does Niacin Flush Out Weed? Is It Possible?

Many people wonder, does niacin flush out weed? And the answer is yes.

It is true that niacin flush out the weed, but it does not flush out THC completely, nor does it flush out cannabinoids that are not THC, like cannabinol. The only way to know for sure is to look at the strip from a drugged urine drug test. That”s where you will see the niacin in the final result.

So does niacin flush out the weed, but this isn”t what you want to hear if you are really looking to pass a drug test, because niacin is a substance that is known to contribute to weight gain and is also toxic to the liver. If you want to learn about how to pass a drug test while still staying within the rules of the body cleansing regimen, then you need to consider giving up or cutting out a particular food group and adding a juice fast to your regime.

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The niacin flush out weed myth has been around for decades. People have asked their doctors and researchers, “Does niacin flush out weed?” and they have all said no.

There have been a few studies done that suggest that niacin flush out the weed, but the evidence wasn”t very strong.

Some experts claim that there is evidence of some degree of potency of THC when niacin is administered at higher doses, but the studies were done in animals and are not conclusive.

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So if niacin doesn”t flush out the weed, then what does? Actually, it turns out that we don”t even know exactly what that certain food group may be doing to us. It is thought by some people that too much consumption of that particular food can raise blood sugar levels, which will react with a colon which is probably already affected by poor nutrition and acne outbreaks.

All the same, does niacin flush out weed, well, maybe! But if you take the advice of the experts and stop eating an excess of the foods listed above, then you should be fine.

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